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BeSafeManagement: the best protection for your online content

With online content creation reaching an all-time-high, the protection of its integrity is more important than ever. Making money online through posting exclusive content is one of the fastest-growing digital business models. But this trend has also sparked a rise in content theft, which costs the original creators their rightful revenue. 

Amy Amaral, who has personal experience of stolen content, established BeSafeManagement as a solution to the rampant problem. 

“BeSafemanagement protects you, your reputation, your brand and your hard work,” she says.“We talk to our clients 24/7 and update them on every single move we make during the entire process.”

Delighted content creators who have worked with BeSafeManagement have shared glowing testimonials, like this one: “They protected my copyrighted material that I thought I’d never be capable of doing, let alone being able to find someone to do just that for me. BeSafeManagement saved me and gave me hope.” 

And another: “Just over a month and almost all of my leaked copyrighted content is completely gone! I never imagined a company being able to achieve what they have. Extremely grateful!”

Taking pride in having the right strategies to meet the needs of its target market, BeSafeManagement now has more than 200 highly influential content creator clients and more than 100k followers on social media.

Amy Amaral says this is just the beginning, and that the goal for BeSafeManagement is to“continue taking over the world of social media, ensuring everyone stays safe, stays creative, and stays happy so we can all continue creating more content for our supporters.”

Visit to find out how they create a safe environment for content creators on the internet.

Amy Amaral