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Baden Bower’s Extraordinary Growth in FY22

Baden Bower is the world’s leading PR and public relations agency, with a focus on guaranteed editorial coverage for small and medium sized businesses. As an adjunct, they also help companies and individuals manage their online reputation (drowing out negative articles) and helping individuals achieve instagram verification and build trust and credibility.

Google searches for “publicity” and “pr agencies” have exploded in FY22, particularly after the worst of the pandemic subsided as businesses rise from the proverbial lockdown ashes. Google has reported compound monthly increases in searches for “best digital publicity agencies” this year.

The trend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, and Baden Bower is the leading brand in this space, killing it with their guaranteed publicity across over 65 global news sites including Apple News, Marketwatch, Digital Journal, and global news sites owned by Fox, NBC & CBS.

Baden Bower’s humble beginnings have taken the company to new heights, quickly becoming one of the biggest and most trusted providers of high-quality guaranteed publicity services for brands all over the world. It boasts clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and countries in between. The founders have more than 20 years of experience in Google Ads, Social Media Management, and publicity and their FY22 growth rates are exponential due to the guaranteed nature of their service. No other publicity service guarantees exposure on global news sites or offers a “no questions asked” money back guarantee. Because of their unique service, their employees have increased by 300% over the last 6 months.

Baden Bower absolutely nails the concept of guaranteed PR. Their key is to publish news stories that capture the imagination of the intended target audience. They integrate the global news site logos into the websites of their clients, dramatically increasing conversion rate to sale and lead via exclusive access to over 50 websites including Apple News, NBC, FOX, CBS, and MarketWatch. When customers think of a quick, easy, surefire way to boost conversions and improve trust levels, they automatically think of Baden Bower.

Having thousands of customers globally, Baden Bower is proud of its skilled and agile team, comprising leading journalists from global newspapers, whose talents have earned the company many happy, satisfied clients.

A testimonial on their website showcases, “As a small company, getting featured on major news outlets is nearly impossible. Baden Bower is a great hack for getting our message out there.” On top of this, their Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin profiles have over 5,000 followers each. With a loyal following, their client base continues to grow and customers are highly impressed with what they offer.

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