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Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE: Extraordinary growth in FY21

Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE is one of the fastest-growing brands in the hair restoration arena.

Their unique products provide a protective barrier to promote hair growth and strengthen weak or damaged hair.

Searches for “hair loss treatments” are on the rise and Google has reported an 800% increase in searches for “hair stimulation products”. The trend is likely to continue and Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE set to be the leading brand in this space, killing it with their revolutionary hair stimulation oil.

Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most trusted providers of hair stimulation oil in the world. They started small, with a basic brand and one just product, and have now grown organically, mostly through word-of-mouth. 

As their sales grew, Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE upgraded their branding and packaging to be much more premium to reflect their high-quality effective formula. They also improved their company’s website and broadened their product line to include shampoos and conditioners, dermarollers and travel products.

Their team goes above and beyond by offering additional guidance and support to their fast growing community, making sure that people get the best results out of their products.

The company’s FY21 growth rate was among the highest in their field, based on searches for the brand and the products it offers.

Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE absolutely nails the concept. Their best-selling “Back2LifeHair Hair Stimulation Oil” is derived from pure, natural, essential oils that revitalise damaged hair, making it shiny and healthy.

According to the company’s CEO, Krish Singh, what makes the brand special is their amazing formula and 100% natural, ethically sourced ingredients. The advanced, natural formulation penetrates deep into the scalp, attaches to hair follicles, and nourishes hair from the roots up.

With thousands of happy, satisfied clients globally, Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE is very proud of its five-star reviews on Amazon and other platforms.

One delighted client wrote: “Hi purchased this after trying few others which failed, from the offset this product has been amazing, hair has stopped falling out after just a few days AMAZING.

Very small amount to be used so it last lot longer which is very good.

Revives & Reinvigorates New Hair Growth in a matter of days I can see a difference.

Would highly recommend this product which is probably the best on the market for effectiveness and cost worthy will definitely be purchasing again.

Good to see something that works.”  

Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE has massive expansion plans for 2022 and are looking forward to helping thousands more people rebuild their confidence.

Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE
Back2LifeHair by GROLUXE