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B2C Furniture Review 2021 – Australia’s Best New Furniture Retailer

B2C Furniture has been ranked Australia’s best new furniture retailer by Review Rumble. What separated B2C Furniture from the competition was their beautiful range of sustainable hardwood timber furniture that is beautifully designed. And, the fact that the company has by-passed middlemen to deal with manufacturers directly, passing those cost savings directly onto the customers in the form of lower prices.

Offline, B2C Furniture’s showrooms offered a wonderful experience with beautifully hip showrooms and customer service that ensures customers feel special and well taken care of. Online, customers could view the entire range and search by room or furniture type with all the product details and delivery options listed.

Very few online retailers can claim a high rating of 4.8 stars on, but it was product quality and customer service that was the central reason why B2C Furniture took out the top spot as the best new furniture retailer in 2021. After reviewing hundreds of customer reviews, the retailer had a solid customer service record with over 98% of customers ranking B2C Furniture 5 stars.

As the pandemic accelerates the growth of e-commerce, it has also further fuelled the rise of the next Gen shopper, better known as Gen Y & Z. Founder of B2C Furniture, Anesley Clarke said “We see the continued opportunity in Gen Y & Z: the size of them, they have ‘grown-up’ online – and they are looking for sustainability as a core feature of timber products.” Clarke said.

B2C Furniture’s online offering of affordable yet environmentally conscious design had a spectacular year in FY21 growing new customer visits by 121% and total site visits by 148%. These growth rates are extraordinary by any measure, producing a 132% increase in revenue.

When you look around the crowded furniture market, no one in Australia offered anything close to what B2C Furniture does. It’s clear that the company has hit a winner focusing on environmentally savvy customers that are looking to buy long-lasting furniture that doesn’t break the bank.

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