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B2C Furniture – FY21’s Best Australian New Furniture Retailer

“At the heart of B2C Furniture is a deep desire to make substance and style affordable to the environmentally-conscious Australians”.

In the competitive world of furniture retailing where things can be costly but not long-lasting, it can be hard to make a difference and stand out from the pack of so many big brands and other up and coming ones. With such competition, B2C Furniture isn’t daunted and has set out to make a real difference in the industry.

Founded by Anesley Clarke, B2C Furniture sets itself apart early on through its unique value proposition to customers—producing and offering sustainable and ethical hardwood-made furniture at affordable prices. The company began its journey by devoting time and effort to locating ethical furniture makers. Instead of buying from importers and distributors, the company developed close connections with trustworthy production partners.

In doing so, the founders created a truly unique furniture brand that cuts out costly middlemen by procuring furniture directly from the Australian manufacturers of hardwood timber furniture and taking away the “middleman’s” excessive mark-ups.

Mr. Clarke believes that “furniture shouldn’t cost you the earth nor should it cost the earth its survival”.

With this outlook, B2C Furniture has set out to only produce and sell furniture that is both sustainable and well-priced. With a strong dislike for poorly-made furniture that is common in today’s home goods industry, B2C Furniture set out to create furniture that has a timeless design that can last a lifetime.

Recognised for its finest range of crafted furniture with the perfect mix of design and functionality and meticulously designed with an emphasis on every detail, B2C Furniture has also had remarkable growth this year with growing new customer visits by 121% to produce a 132% revenue increase.

Whether buying online or offline, B2C Furniture makes buying seamless. It is a combination of design quality of their timber products at prices that don’t cost the earth (no pun intended) that put B2C Furniture at the number 1 spot of the best new furniture retailer of 2021 – gaining a high 4.7 stars rating from Product Review and a solid customer service record with over 98% of customers giving B2C Furniture 5 stars.

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