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Australia’s finest designers all want to work at Torii Consulting

With a client roster that includes Australian Post, Telstra and NAB, Torii Consulting is regarded as the finest User Experience (UX) Design firm in Australia.

The company specialises in user experience design for large corporates and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are on the front-line of customer experience innovation. Torii has a team of design and research experts with more than nine years’ experience in improving businesses and peoples’ lives through smart design solutions.

Torii cares about their Designers and seeks to improve and uplift their lives. Providing their Designers with mentorship and personal development programs, Torii Consulting has been a role model for other employers since its inception.

Founder and CEO, Joe Woodham, fosters the professional development of his highly trained team by encouraging Design Thinking early on. He recognises there is a person behind every statistic.

“We create long-lasting relationships with talented design professionals who operate at the cutting-edge of their fields,” he says. “Our goal was to make Torii Consulting the best UX Design agency in Australia.”

The high calibre of designers Torii employs includes those who have organised UX conferences with annual revenues in the millions of dollars and have overseen all elements of the business. It’s designers like these that help the Torii Design Community stay one step ahead of the competition.

Torii’s designers have written books on various UX topics, as well as speaking at conferences, leading workshops and mentoring others.

“Torii’s support has been crucial to building a high calibre UX function”, says Matt Devey, Design Manager at Nutrien AG. “The people Torii has embedded have been spot on in terms of both experience and culture fit, making it much easier to source and retain great people. On top of this, Torii has been fantastic to work with and really took the time to understand our needs”.

Designers consider Torii Consulting a great place to work because their talent is recognised and nurtured. A personalised support framework helps designers be their best selves. Designers can expect to feel valued, as a result of the relationships Torii fosters between them and the client. The company also encourages its designers to give back to the design (and broader) community, which makes working there even more meaningful.