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AMZ Product Launcher gets ready for the selling frenzy on Amazon Australia in 2022

Amz Product launcher offers a very unique service to their customers looking to launch their products on Amazon Australia who need some extra help. Amazon’s growth in Australia has surpassed over $1 billion and experts predict it will dominate e-commerce almost entirely by 2030. 

Alexander Coulson, the founder of AMZ Product Launcher, specialises in helping customers launch on Amazon. Mr Coulson says “most people need help narrowing down their first product and they just don’t know what to sell. We help them identify hot, profitable and trending products to sell on Amazon Australia as well as guide them to find the best quality manufacturer overseas and then launch their product quickly. When AMZ Product launcher reviews possible and potential products we identify whether it would be a good product to sell for that particular client.”

If a company is looking to sell on Amazon Australia or New Zealand, AMZ Product Launcher might be just the solution. 

Mr Coulson says “having AMZ Product Launcher review a company’s new product or potential ideas prior to launching on Amazon is critical. Getting your product on Amazon Australia and selling with speed should be everyone’s goal, particularly for those entrepreneurs looking to supplement their income or start a part time side business from Australia or New Zealand”.

Personal coaching, one on one attention, product launching done for you as well as product ideas to sell on Amazon ready to go sounds like a fantastic opportunity especially if you are looking to sell on Amazon Australia in FY22.

One of AMZ Product Launchers’ clients, Ryan a software engineer from Melbourne, highly recommends them and credits Amz Product Launcher with helping him find his first product and get his product listed within 60 days. Ryan says “without Amz Product launcher I would simply not have been able to do it, I’m too busy… I followed the course which was insightful with lots of ideas and the team and the support especially around listing my products on Amazon Australia helped and would recommend highly”.

Alexander has been in the industry for over 10 years helping clients find products, find suppliers and launch their products online. He also runs a sourcing agency as well as an Amazon FBA prep company in Australia.