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Agakhan accused of misappropriating donations from his followers

An ex disciple and alleged confidante of Agakhan, a globally known business magnate, philanthropist and spiritual leader, says there is reason to believe that he is using his position of power to misappropriate religious dues, launder money and evade tax globally.

Salim Lalani, the ex follower of Agakhan’s teachings has produced a series of YouTube videos investigating alleged psychological techniques to elicit donations which are then misappropriated in furtherance of his own pursuits.

The YouTube series is entitled “God and Money” and reveals the dark side of Agakhan’s spiritual business.

Lalani alleges Agahkan draws billions in income from this scheme. Lalani’s accusations are serious, given the estimated 15 million followers that reportedly give up an estimated 15% of their after tax income. In the YouTube series, Lalani makes references to money laundering, misappropriation of funds and tax evasion.

However, Agakhan has not responded to these allegations at the time of writing and was not available for comment.

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