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Adam Oremland – New York Injury Lawyer That Doesn’t Clown Around

So you just hired a random lawyer after experiencing a painful and life-altering accident. Now what? How do you know this lawyer is the right fit for your case? Can they be trusted to do what they said they would do? Did you even meet with the attorney personally or did you just sign some documents with a paralegal who has no authority over your case?

Adam Oremland, a personal injury lawyer in the Bronx who has won over $40 million for clients, is on a mission to educate New Yorkers on the pitfalls of hiring what he calls a “clown lawyer.” Mr. Oremland describes clown lawyers as attorneys who do not work diligently on their clients’ cases, rarely return client phone calls or emails, and avoid personally meeting with clients to answer questions and give case status updates. “Clown lawyers often lack professionalism and empathy for others, which is a big problem for clients who have already been seriously injured,” says Mr. Oremland. “The public needs to know that there are some lawyers who don’t always work in the best interest of the client, and it shows.” In short, his message is that clients can do better.

Original branding that makes you smile

Mr. Oremland has a novel way to grab clients’ attention to get his message out, and it is extremely effective. On Instagram, Mr. Oremland, self-branded as the “Law Bulldog,” creates and posts humorous memes and slapstick comedy sketches, many of which he stars in with other social media influencers and comedians. He also posts pictures of his frequent winnings online to keep the scoreboard accurate and show others that he is the real deal. His clients appear to enjoy this method of communication with their attorney, being both entertained and educated by Mr. Oremland’s social media posts. “I’ve always believed that the best way to get people’s attention and keep it is by making them laugh,” says Adam.

Mr. Oremland’s Instagram account @lawbulldog just cleared one million followers and continues to grow. Aside from its original content, what sets his Instagram account apart from other companies marketing online in the crowded legal space is that Mr. Oremland personally creates and curates its posts and stories. And when a client or prospective client directly messages the account, Mr. Oremland personally responds.

His ‘clown lawyer’ memes and ‘lawyer life’ themed videos feature absurd client interactions and relatable attorney situations that have garnered Mr. Oremland celebrity influence and recognition in New York City and in the legal community at-large. These videos have also been a major driving force of business to his law firm, Oremland Law Group P.C. “It’s truly amazing what the power of social media can do for business when you brand yourself correctly and do right by your clientele,” says Mr.Oremland.

Focusing on results for clients

But it’s not all fun and games for Adam. Behind the comedic memes and Instagram posts, Mr. Oremland speaks with seasoned knowledge and extreme confidence having been a leading attorney in his field for almost a decade. Mr. Oremland acts with poise and purpose and admits, like a bulldog, he can be stubborn when negotiating against adversaries and insurance companies, which is attractive to many clients. Upon meeting Adam in person, it is easy to see where he got his inspiration for his nickname. He has a muscular, stocky build complemented by a very short buzz-cut hairstyle, an appearance that hammers home that the “Law Bulldog” is an aggressive attorney. And although his more humorous, sometimes outlandish style of marketing may not be your cup of tea, the results his law firm achieves are no joke.

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