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A commercial litigator with a human touch

What makes a law firm unique?

At Levitt Robinson Solicitors, the firm’s pedigree as one of Sydney’s most successful commercial litigators is no coincidence.

For starters, look to its people. The tight-knit team at Levitt Robinson includes some of the most experienced and reputable commercial litigation lawyers in Sydney.

Led by the formidable Stewart Levitt, the firm’s excellence is reflected in its successful track record. The firm is famous for hustling on behalf of the underdog. From down-at-the-heel farmers and franchisees to First Nations Australians, Levitt Robinson has achieved remarkable success – in historic settlements as well as famous court victories. Levitt Robinson’s results speak for itself.

Not all firms have the tenacity to take on powerful corporations and governments. Just this year, Levitt Robinson took on one of Australia’s largest and well-resourced private companies: 7-Eleven. In August 2021, Levitt Robinson brokered a $98 million settlement for current and former franchisees of 7-Eleven. At Levitt Robinson, the people are results driven. No matter the size or complexity of a matter, the firm will fight tooth and nail until its claim holders are compensated fairly.

To operate at the highest level, a firm must know its value. Levitt Robinson is well aware of its niche position, with strong access to key markets and established contacts across Australia’s litigation landscape. One might think that this far reach is typically reserved for the largest law firms, but Levitt Robinson gives its clients the best of both worlds. Not many firms can boast well connected experts as well as giving attentive, personalised service to each of its clients.

So what makes a firm great? A combination of things – grit, excellence, people that know how to pack a punch, and a human touch at its core. When you have a legal claim, you want Levitt Robinson in your corner.