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5 Misunderstandings About OffGamers

The video game industry is no stranger to controversy and with the popularization of digital retailing and reselling have allowed many misconceptions about its services and objectives.


Even OffGamers that has numerous years of expertise in the gaming industry share similar issues when it comes to misunderstandings from both its customers and potential business partners.


Let us go over a few examples of misunderstandings and misconceptions about OffGamers.


OffGamers Is A Scam Site


If one were to enter the query “Is OffGamers a scam site” on a search engine, some will find that the results may lead to review sites that claim OffGamers’ a fraudulent website.


However, it is important to note that most of these sites allow any Internet user to review on sites, hence they are more than susceptible to fake and hate-driven reviews.


Additionally, OffGamers have testimonials from many reputable entities that they have worked with which are more reliable and trustworthy than anonymous users online.


Plus, with OffGamers raising $13 million via a convertible note from different investors to be an IPO is further testament to its legitimacy in the video game industry.


One way visitors can know that they are entering the legitimate OffGamers website is through the ‘https’ extension which is an indication that all OffGamers’ pages are SSL encrypted.


Therefore, if you’ve entered a site that is similar to OffGamers but the web address does not have the ‘https’ extension, be sure to not enter your credentials or account information as the said site is most likely a spoof or phishing website.


Other misunderstandings that may have led to netizens believing that OffGamers is a scam site is that during a transaction, some customers might need to reveal certain information like their credit card details.


This information is needed because OffGamers is doing its due diligence of requesting eKYC documents to adhere with the Anti-money Laundering Law (AML) of different countries.


OffGamers Offers Physical Goods


Many customers or even potential business partners would think that OffGamers is an online store that delivers physical products like CDs or physical gift cards.


This is false because OffGamers is a platform that offers digital products like digital keys, digital gift cards and direct top-ups.


As for OffGamers’ delivery method, the digital codes and keys are received and stored inside your OffGamers’ account which you can press ‘View Orders’ from the drop-down menu of your avatar located at the top-right of the website.


Game Servers and Platforms Are Handled By OffGamers


There are many customers who have encountered issues with their video games and these complaints are sometimes due to video game bugs, lags and server issues and misunderstand that the video games’ developers and its servers are not handled by us. 

For instance, if customers were to encounter an error or a server issue for a Steam game that you’ve bought from us, instead of approaching OffGamers, the customer should instead seek assistance from Steam support where they manage the Steam platform themselves.


That said, customers who have trouble redeeming their codes or game keys that they bought from OffGamers should rightly drop a message or give a call to OffGamers’ customer support where we have experts to assist you on the matter.

OffGamers Steals Information


Besides assuming OffGamers being a scamming website, there have also been claims on forums and sites like Reddit that OffGamers is stealing credit card and personal information from its customers.


These websites are very authentic-looking in their approach and can fool even the tech savvy. Many customers who have fallen to such schemes have approached us for assistance. 


Based on their complaints and our thorough research, we have compiled a list of scam websites that customers should be wary of.


The compiled websites can be found here for customers’ reference:


To make a purchase at OffGamers, customers are required to create an account and during the process, users are required to submit some information which might appear sensitive but essential as it is required for OffGamers’ eKYC verification.


The eKYC verification is needed and is one of OffGamers’ due diligence when complying with the Anti-Money Laundering laws of different countries.


Hence, the information requested from OffGamers is used for verification purposes and serves as a form of protection against unauthorised transactions.


OffGamers Sells Used Keys/Codes


While it is rare, due to technical or human errors, some keys/codes generated by OffGamers can be deemed faulty.


Of course, the fault is never with the customers and they can contact OffGamers’ customer service which is available 24/7.


Once the key/code is deemed faulty—requires screenshot of the error message from the customer—a replacement code will be provided to the customer without any extra cost.


It is also important to note that the investigation process will take some time. Ideally, customers should provide the full extensive details on the error to make the process swiftier. 


Final Note


As most services, there will always be unsatisfied customers and a few bumps and friction are to be expected.


That said, like all businesses, OffGamers is continuously improving to provide a safe and secure platform of gaming distribution for both its customers and business partners.


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