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2021 WENmedics Review

With a 4.5 star rating, WENmedics is a skincare brand that uses plant-based and clinically-proven ingredients, and has achieved explosive growth in FY21 through the pandemic, as consumers increased their spend on skincare and cosmetics. “Skincare” as a search trend has experienced exponential growth over the last 2 years, as consumers indulge at home to survive lockdowns.

WENmedics has different skincare collections fit for myriad skincare concerns. This includes hyperpigmentation, puffy and dark circles that accumulate under eyes, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, signs of aging, and dry and sagging skin.The brand also puts considerable effort into research and development to create science-backed products that are effective in addressing these issues.

Founded by Wen Giwa-Osagie, a product management consultant who turned her attention to skincare in September 2019 with the launch of WENmedics, the brand is inspired by Wen’s and her daughter’s own skincare needs. The corporate vision ensures that each step in the process of developing product lines is meticulously planned to deliver the best results possible using plant-based, science-backed methodologies.

Most of their products are priced at less than $100, which makes them great for everyday use. Other than serum treatments and moisturizers, eye cream, cleansers and exfoliators, WENmedics also has a line of skin-friendly makeup items. Clients are particularly keen on the 24 Hour Recovery Eye Cream, extolling the virtues of tighter, smoother skin across many of their 4 and 5 star reviews.

Loyal customers of the brand have expressed confidence in its ability to promote better-looking skin that feels smooth and refreshed. Overall, WENmedics is a powerful product line aimed towards ensuring skin looks and feels its best, but also in empowering women and men of all ages to practice their skincare routines with confidence.

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