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2021 Review: Vuly Australia

Vuly reviews have achieved an average of 4.5 stars from more than 2000 assessments on Product Review, so it is no surprise that Vuly is Australia’s #1 outdoor play equipment retailer.


The Brisbane-based company has been pioneering innovative engineering for trampolines, swing sets, monkey bars, basketball hoops and kids’ bikes for more than a decade. Ideal for Australian backyards, Vuly makes the world’s safest outdoor play equipment.


Notable Vuly reviews in 2021 included this one from Amber, who ordered the Thunder trampoline for toddler: “It has helped with his balance, motor skills and core strength, not to mention the fact that it entertains him for hours on end.” 


Lara K wrote:“The quality, craftsmanship and fun is second to none. We bought the trampoline and monkey bars and the kids can’t get enough!!! Highly recommend it!”


Aimee M. raved about the safety: “I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the trampoline. It is rock solid, very easy to assemble and super safe. There is no way my kids could injure themselves due to padding being exactly where it needs to be and zero gaps anywhere in the walls of the trampoline. I feel like I’ve bought the last trampoline I’ll ever need to buy.


The Vuly brand is well-known for its agile and supportive team, who are experts in their field and can always be counted on for valuable and attentive customer service.

Taking pride in the success they have enjoyed by creating out-of-the-box ideas and exceeding their clients’ expectations, Vuly is highly-regarded for its innovative engineering of safe, durable and fun outdoor play equipment.


In addition to its top-quality products and dependable customer service, Vuly is renowned for its professionalism and reliability.