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2021 Prolific Corp Review

Prolific Corp, an Australian commodities solutions and investments company is ranked the number 1 commodities dealer by Review Rumble, specialising in the purchase and delivery of commodities such as gold, precious metals, oil, and jet fuel.

Bringing his track record of creating enormous value for his clients across a multitude of industries, its founder, seasoned entrepreneur, Tremaine Fernandez, has smoothly navigated a treacherous and difficult business model fraught with large monopolistic multinationals like BP and even pushing out Russian fraudsters to win business from global clients with his honesty, transparency and efficiency.

Undercutting the incumbents, Tremaine Fernandez has proven his company to be an enduring commodities broker, achieving 2900% growth year on year by ensuring regular supply for his clientele and prices 20% less than spot for a range of vital commodities required by his customers —saving hundreds of billions that translate to increased margins and profits.

Despite the supply chain challenges and lockdowns resulting in constrained supply options brought upon by the pandemic, Prolific Corp continues to find opportunities to accelerate it’s business and provide commodities to its global clients of suppliers, traders and investors.

A true example of David and Goliath, Prolific Corp run by Tremaine Fernandez, efficiently puts its unique stamp on the industry as it beats big players at their own game such as the British multinational and one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors” BP.

Tremaine Fernandez
Prolific Corp