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2021 Kings of Neon Review

4.8 star ratings are rare in the world of e-commerce, but that is the first fact that customers discover after googling “Kings of Neon review”. Digging into customer’s experience with the neon signage company is equally delightful with 5 star reviews like this one: “Quality is better than I expected, Kings of Neon is definitely the expert in this field! We love our light! Thank you Neon King team! Everyone is always complimenting on how great it looks!”

Kings of Neon has a loyal community of over 12,000 instagram followers —a strong testament to their unique service and “designed to inspire” neon signs.

With access to over 24 different colours, UV printing options, 100 plus styles of acrylic, backing options, and design-your-own feature, satisfied customers and those looking to get their statement neon piece have endless possibilities in their hands.

The company is also recognised for its design team who are the best in their game and can turn designs, logo or even your wildest dreams into a neon sign to transfer any wall or room. Kings of Neon’s CEO recognises the most important thing to consider is to give the sign breathing room, make sure the space is big enough so the sign doesn’t consume the room. The wall behind a sign should also be a deciding factor, though they look great on solid colours, they also look fabulous on textured walls like stone or brick. Maximum impact comes from layering a neon-sign onto statement wallpaper to amplify colour and bring the room to life.

Taking pride in its success in creating out of the box ideas, transforming spaces and making commercial signs stand out distinctively to grab the attention of customers, Kings of Neon is also known for its agile and supportive concierge team—who are are always there to guide whether that’s pre-purchase questions or best installation practices.

Apart from great product quality, Kings of Neon is also commendable for its efficient check-out process, fast turnaround time, professionalism, secured worldwide shipping, reliability, and safe-to-touch technology.

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