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2021 Health Cartel Review

If there ever was a year to let unhealthy habits bite the dust, 2021 is definitely it — for many, it was a hard year consisting of regular lockdowns, restricted access to gyms, yoga studios and other destinations promoting healthy living and wellbeing.

With Google trend data revealing heightened search activity for strategies designed to promote immune strengthening, Health Cartel reports that now is the time to focus on how food makes you feel and improving your general strength; fortunately, there are a handful of eating plans that can help you on both fronts.

Catallina Levitt, founder of Health Cartel explains her approach to nutrition and dieting— which can revolutionise your cardiovascular health, help you shed steady kilos, and boost your mood. Health Cartel’s approach is contrary to the “yo yo” diets that many clients experience on their journey to seek out Health Cartel’s advice.

Levitt, founder of Health Cartel says about her nutrition strategies: “These aren’t gimmicks to get you ready for summer in 14 days. They are proven principles that profoundly change women’s approach to nutrition and living”. Health Cartel promotes and advises clients on the best habits to maintain excellent nutrition. Clients are advised to follow principles that anyone can adopt for living a long life.

It takes some work to get ready for a healthier routine, especially if you want to stick with it all year long. Here’s what Health Cartel suggest people prioritise:

1. Getting enough energy: Calorie intake should be customised based on factors such as activity level, age, fitness goals and gender. Under eating can, counterintuitively, make it harder to achieve nutrition and fitness goals.

2. Consume enough protein: Adequate protein intake assists muscle building, speeds recovery after exercise, helps maintain healthy body weight and keeps the body full for longer.

3. Salt intake: Most excess salt hides in packaged foods, which adds to cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

4. Drink Water<: Drink at least 35mls of water for each kilo you weigh each day or more based on your activity levels.>

5. Weight Training: Even for women who have never lifted, getting your heart pumping is important, as a healthy diet is only half the battle. Starting to lift weights helps women of all ages increase metabolism, strength and conditioning and promotes longevity.

Online training has also become increasingly popular during the Pandemic, and Health Cartel is currently helping clients keep fit and active with workouts that can be accessed by Health Cartel’s app. If you’re interested in finding out more about Health Cartel’s services check out Health Cartel.

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