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2021 Charlie Checkers Review

Lawn care is an emerging trend post pandemic and an Australian start-up named Charlie Checkers is dominating with its simple, safe and sustainable range of lawn care products ever.

Australians spend the second highest amount of money on lawn care in the world, only behind America, despite it’s population being 15 times smaller. Aussies really are a bunch of lawn fanatics.

Charlie Checkers has created an easy way for passionate lawn enthusiasts to care for their lawns, without the need for an expensive professional lawn care service and at a fraction of the price.

4 times a year, customers receive a lawn care box tailored to the precise requirements of their lawn to maximise the chance that their lawns blossom through all climate conditions. You don’t need a green thumb to ensure lawn care success, as Charlie Checkers takes care of all the hard work for you. No more trying to figure out what, how, and when to use your complicated range of products.

Now, with just one insanely simple 15 minute application per month, you can have the lawn you always dreamt of.

Charlie Checkers launched a direct-to-consumer lawn care company to capitalise on Australians’ pride in their homes and gardens, spurred on by rising property prices and a great climate that encourages the cultivation of beautiful gardens.

They operate as a subscription service and send consumers the products they need, when they need them, based on their lawn conditions. Charlie Checkers say it has seen strong growth since it shipped its first box and is growing exponentially.

The company says its top-line revenue is expected to triple in FY22.

Charlie Checkers is more than just a service to buy lawn care. The company says their mission is to serve the role of a lawn care advisor able to continually answer questions as different issues arise.

The company intends to expand into new categories as its customers rely on Charlie Checkers for all the products they need to maintain a beautiful lawn.

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