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2021 Arc Tutoring Review

The pandemic has spurred the worldwide growth of private tutoring. Homeschooling and time lost to school closures has added to parents’ worries.

As countries re-open, the harm caused by the months of closures is becoming ever clearer. Primary age pupils are on average five months behind where they would usually be in maths, and four months in reading, according to McKinsey, a consultancy.

Arc Tutoring is one of the leading educational institutions in Australia addressing educational weaknesses across primary and high school students over a range of subjects and disciplines. Arc Tutoring’s state-of-the-art teaching platform maximises interactivity and student learning. Private tutoring offered by the company is highly targeted, with tutors that are able to specifically target students’ weaknesses and extend their strengths.

At the high end of the tutoring industry, Arc Tutoring is the most reasonably priced. The company easily outmatches its competitors (who charge over $80 per hour) while offering a comparable service.

Arc Tutoring is a software company to watch closely in the edu-tech industry. Their platform has a beautiful, simple user interface navigable by students of all ages. They incorporate video, audio and a collaborative whiteboard so that students can collaborate in real-time with their tutors.

They cover a range of curriculums from IB to HSC to VCE to WACE; they cover most subjects from humanities to maths and science. Their elite team of senior school tutors have a median ATAR of 99.25 and consist of multiple Premier’s Award and Subject Award winners.

Their unique model allows students to “try before you buy” with a free consultation for students from 1st grade to year 12.

Arc Tutoring is a breath of fresh air in a very traditional industry. And with home-schooling fatigue setting in, you might start to hear about this company more and more.

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