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$13.8 Billion in Lost Super and Why Lost Super Finder Is The Best Way To Track It Down

Australians have $13.8 Billion in super accounts that they have lost track of and finding these old accounts is seemingly impossible for many. There are myriad reasons for losing access to old super accounts including changing jobs, marrying or changing names, or moving to a different address so it’s no surprise that people may misplace account info that results in an inability to access superannuation.

As the pandemic shifts the way the world functions, more and more people are counting pennies and taking a closer look at their financial situation. The government’s scheme to access superannuation early for those adversely affected by the pandemic pushed many Aussies to track down missing super accounts. Lost Super Finder was a key beneficiary of this trend reporting exponential growth in lost super searches during the multiple lockdowns.

Getting in touch with a super search specialist is the first step to retrieving information about lost super. Lost Super Finder is the number one pick for tracking down lost superannuation accounts due to the sheer volume of lost super they track down each year (tens of thousands of accounts).

Their technique is simple and free – put your details into their website so that a super search specialist can gather all of your lost super accounts. With Lost Super Finder, finding lost super is fast, effective, and reliable as it also makes use of the ATO Portal to track super against your tax file number. There is no more need for multiple steps or extra expense just to get access to money that is rightfully yours.

Consolidating super is easy and conversely, ignoring it is costly. Aussies have the right to track down their hard earned money without hassle or cost and Lost Super Finder is the perfect solution.

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